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Dear Teachers,

5 Talking Points:

1.  You have my permission to use my poetry and photos for your lesson plans.

2.  I organized my poetry f
or the school calendar, and it is posted on this website:

Academic School Calendar (see poetry)
      January 27:   Holocaust Remembrance Day
      February:     BLACK HISTORY MONTH
      March:         WOMEN HISTORY MONTH
      April:            POETRY MONTH
      September:  911 Memorial Day
      October:      Find the Cure for Breast Cancer 

3.  My poems include the following educational materials:

    1.  "How to Read a Poem by Sharon Esther Lampert"

Poem by Sharon Esther Lampert


    4.  INDEX of POEMS by Sharon Esther Lampert

    5. Biograp
hical Profile of Sharon Esther Lampert

    6. Index of Books   


POETRY WORLD RECORD  "Through the Eyes of Eve"  (1) 120 Words of Rhyme
          from one family of rhyme (2) Every line amalgamates poetry, philosophy and                        comedy (3) Biblical Eve is given a voice and liberated from 5000 years of misogyny.

      2.  911 Memorial Poem: "Spiraling Downward, Upward We Stand United"

      3.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.:  "THE DELIVERER"

      4.  Holocaust Memorial Poems:  "A Survivor's Burden"  and "Edith Stein"

      5.  Women's History Month:    "STOP CAMPUS RAPE"

5.   Poetry Reading and Classes
      I am available to read the "911 Memorial Poem" at your school.
      I am available for a
SMARTGRADES BRAIN POWER writing workshop. 

Thank you for your warmhearted and generous compliments on my literary work.

Sharon Esther Lampert
Poet, Philosopher, Prophet, Peacemaker, Paladin of Education, and Prodigy


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