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Dear Students:

9 Talking Points: 

1.  For more than 20 years, students have been using my poetry for their student                   projects — and earning good grades on their report cards and college transcripts.

2.  You have my permission to use my poetry for your school project.

3.   If you have questions, send me an email, and I will answer your questions:                

4.  You may use my photos for your school project (see photos below).

5.  If you need my biography, you may download it (see download below).

6.  As promised, I published your fabulous FAN MAIL in my books. I will continue
     to publish your FAN MAIL. 

7.  There are more WORLD FAMOUS POEMS: 
      4.  The Internet: Sharon's poems are published on a gazillion websites.

8.  Don't forget to:
     (1) SIGN UP for UPDATES
     (2) LIKE
     (3) Subscribe

9.  If you recite my poetry and make a cell phone video, and send it to me, I will send
     you a gift of appreciation.  E-mail:

Sharon Esther Lampert
Prodigy, Prophet, Philosopher, Peacemaker, Paladin of Education and Poet

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