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Very. Extra. Special. Sharon. Esther. Lampert

About the Creative Genius

Sharon Esther Lampert

Sharon's Extra Body Part Her "Creative Apparatus"

Sharon Esther Lampert was born with an extra-body she part she calls her, "Creative Apparatus."  Sharon was born an Old Soul. At the age of 9, her mother, Eve Lampert,  proclaimed, "My daughter is a poet, philosopher, and educator," and that is exactly what happened. Sharon became a world-renown poet, philosopher, and educator.


         "A List" as One of the World's Greatest Poets 



Sharon's Artistic Gifts Are Inherited

Gifts are inherited, and there were artisans on both sides of her family. Sharon inherited her artistic gifts from her father, Abraham Lampert, whose nickname was "BEZALEL," the Biblical artisan who crafted the Holy ark of the Ten Commandments.


Abraham Lampert's sculptures were featured in an exhibit at the, Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust.


Her father emigrated from Belarus, Russia to ISRAEL before immigrating to the USA. He was the sole surviving member of his family after the HOLOCAUST. 


On her mother's side, her grandfather, Benjami Paikoff, was a gifted painter who made his living designing storefront signs. Her mother's grandparents, Rose and Benjamin Paikoff , emigrated from Russia to the USA and lived in Brooklyn, NYC. 


Sharon is first and second-generation American and was raised in Rockaway, Queens, N.Y.C. The gorgeous beaches of the Rockaways are where most of Sharon' bikini pin-ups are photographed.


The Digital Revolution: APPLE, ADOBE, and INTERNET

Sharon was born exactly at the right time in world history to manifest her innate gifts: 

1. The Digital Revolution - APPLE

2. The Golden Age of Creativity - ADOBE

3. The Age of Globalization - THE INTERNET


Age 9: A Writer, Author, and Publisher 

At age 9, Sharon was already writing and publishing books by writing down her ideas on memo pads and using a stapler to hold her books together.


In 1985, she purchased the first APPLE MACINTOSH computer. An autodidact, Sharon taught herself how to publish books using the ADOBE INDESIGN publishing software.


A unique niche, Publisher Sharon Lampert published one-of-a-kind books: 85-Year-Old Authors with 25-Year-Old Manuscripts. Imagine a handwritten manuscript sitting in a dusty drawer for 25 years that finally gets published with digital global distribution and becomes an overnight BESTSELLER!  


#1 Poetry Website for Student Projects and Teacher Lesson Plans 

Students from around the world use Sharon's poems for their school projects, and teachers use her poems for their lesson plans. Ardent fans, the fan letters are published in her books. Sharon's poems have also been published in many online poetry publications. Sharon's email address is


Fan Mail:

Note: The address below is no longer active

New Address: PO BOX 938822, Pompano Beach, Florida, 33093

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 Public Performances

Sharon Esther Lampert was featured as the lead vocalist of "The Ashira Orchestra." For 18 years, she was a member of the RAMAZ, N.Y.C. Women's Tefillah group, under the magnificent leadership of Riva Alper.  Sharon reads TORAH, HAFOTRAH, and KIDDISH. Sharon was also the featured lead vocalist on the Jewish Education, Israeli Day Parade float. She sings in English, Hebrew, and Yiddish. She is a graduate of the Robert Gordis Solomon Schecter Day School with a bilingual English-Hebrew curriculum.

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